Friday, January 16, 2009


Have you ever looked at your life and realized how much your problems don't matter? NO! Of course you haven't! Maybe once at church as you looked up at the statue of Jesus and felt so utterly guilty that you gave blood, or donated clothes to the Salvation Army. God isn't about guilt. Yet in the minds of some people, he is the Almighty One Who Dispenses Guilt Upon The Masses! OH NO, GOD MIGHT MAKE ME PRAY!

Are we so selfish that we honestly think that God would guilt us into praying, or giving?! What has the world com--
I will not finish that sentence, because I already know the answer. The world has come to a crossroads where it must go one way or the other. Some think the world has already fallen into the trash bin, but I believe that second chances are always to be given. The world can choose to tear down more churches and build more parking lots, it can choose to allow organizations to kill its people, it can choose to smell its trees burn and never return. Or it can choose to climb above the smog and create a way to pull together, it can place God in the hearts of children and never say "Hope doesnt exsist!", it can be courageous and stand up for its children that are being abused... BUT WAIT.

Are we so ignorant that we don't even take notice of the people that do good things all day?!
Have you seen Meals on Wheels lately? Wow, all I can say is that they work their happy little buns off just to feed those in need, and I pray for their souls, it takes alot to be so patient and kind. It's hard for me to hold my tongue at times and I pray the Lord keeps a clamp on it, lest i get myself into trouble.
CareNet? Wow, to take a Christian environment and intorduce it to unwed mothers, letting them know that they will be ok, and not looking down on them for their relationship status or their sad situations (drugs, rape, alcohol..etc.). All they offer is help, and help they do, testing and offering to find them a doctor, I thank God for them every day. To have the patience to deal with sad circumstances.