Friday, March 13, 2009

The New look of No Regrets.

Come and enjoy the all new, brand new...motto and picture. WOOOOOO HOOO!

Spring Break.

"Whoso loves, believes the impossible."
Elizabeth Barret Browning

William Wordsworth--
"Faith is a passionate intuition"

W. H. Auden--
To choose what is difficult all one's days, as if it were easy, that is faith.

Mercy Me--
"I can only imagine..."

In this day and age, when men cheat freely, women manipulate frequently, and religions batter their followers, its nice to catch the beautiful little moments when God puts his hands on the earth and shows us a glimpse of his power and awesome ability to heal and love.

I am a Montessori teacher's assistant, who is never treated like an assistant. I am treated as an equal and the children see me as an equal as well. I feel like I fit in nicely, and the kids are my heart, but there are some days when the frustration makes me feel just a little worthless. Today, as I sit there eating my lunch ..I watch a child make the funniest looking Mr. PotatoHead, with huge lips and an arm coming out of its head. I laughed so hard I cried..and I felt so much better...just laughing. That's how I know there is a God, and why I have faith.

When a person releases pain that was locked away, escaping softly behind a laugh instead of hurting through a scream. I didn't have the best of childhoods, no one really does, but I am glad I have God now, to help me let go of all of those deep dark sins, and lies, and painful memories. Everyday it gets easier to realize that I AM a good person, that I DO have talents, and that I AM successful.

SO in order to make you laugh..and release your pain, grief, or overflowing bucket of happiness, I will tell you a funny story.

SO I am with my friends one day, just having a coffee and one of my male friends turns to me and says, "Do you know where my paper went?" And at that very moments...SPLAT. His paper, that was situated in the side of his laptop bag flies up and smacks his coffee into his lap and hits him in the face. He pulls the paper off of his face, looks down at his stained khakis and laughs so hard he nearly knocks my coffee off the table. The paper read. "Lawsuit on Coffee tainted with bad evidence."

Smile a little. I am Mrs. Grumpy DoodleDoo today and I am still writing something to inspire you. So cheer up and live life in a happy way. Swat away the bad. And LAUGH.

Friday, March 6, 2009

One smile.

Smile at someone today. Trust me, it's worth it...even in this day and age where you still get flipped the bird for waving . Its worth it when that person smiles back, or nods their head.

Someone once told me that my smile tells people who I am. It tells them that I am open with my feelings, I express them out loud and in the simple showing of teeth, and that I have nice teeth and good lips. Some people notice the physical first, but thats human nature. I have always noticed that a true smile is not forced, nor asked, nor given. A true smile is those ones you dont see in the pictures. Its the smile you see when you see something you love, something you care about, something you are happy about. THATS A SMILE.