Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Venting to commence in 3 seconds.
Life is surely strange.It cycles and changes and whirls and steadies..

Life never stays the same.

New years, new ages, new bodies, new things, new people. Oh man is it strange. I know I am young and all this stuff is new, but I am just very caught off guard by the way things are thrown at you. I am not afraid of much, but I am afraid of ending up like my mother, of ending up alone, of ending up un-happy with myself because I made others happy before I thought of myself.

I understand selflessness, and I understand self-preservation...
but I could not bare to be forced into descisions that could change my entire life without having the proper amount of time to understand the descision, evalute it, adjust to it.

Am I over-analyzing my existance? Maybe I think I am meant for more, when I am already in the place I am supposed to be. What if I am in a place where I am stuck, waiting to go on to bigger and better things?

How do you know when you have gotten there? Questions like this plague me every day. DO I listen and strive to be better, or do I wait and see?

Sometimes all I can do is sit and listen, and wait for the answer by simply shutting up and letting go.

Venting completed.

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