Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas wishes.

There are some people in this world who look at things in a different manner than the rest of us. They wear "rose colored glasses" and smile when others frown, they have a skip in their walk, instead of a shuffle, and we look at them like they are insane. Us pessimists look at the world with blurry vision, hampered by the thoughts of anger, distress, and just our general worry about useless things, like our coffee was too hot, or work was too long. We should be thankful we had the money to get that coffee, or the car to get to that job.

So in this holiday season, let us put on our "green and red colored glasses" and feel the rush of ignoring the spilled coffee on your pants, brushing it off, and moving on with your day as if it never happened. Feel how good it is to take pride in your work , and forget what time it is, and that way you are smiling when work ends.

On another note, lets take into consideration, mr. Santa Claus, AKA St. Nicholas.

It was on wednesday evening that I recived an email that said ..
" The 4 stages of Life."

"1: First you believe in Santa Claus.
2: You stop believing in Santa Claus.
3: You become Santa Claus.
4: You look like Santa Claus."

Now, after laughing for several minutes and forwarding to other people, I thought of something important in the message.

I believed in Santa Claus until I was 8 years old. And the only reason I stopped believing is when I caught mommy hurrying up the stairs and saw her close the door, santa hat in hand. My belief in the person, Santa Claus, had ended and I was devestated. But when I did have that faith him , it was as strong as could be, ever. When you are a child you have ultimate faith in the things you want, and you will believe them until your hopes are dashed.
I will do as I always do, and incorporate God into this passage. Get used to it, please.

Child-like wonder is equal to Child-like faith, and as I see it, we are all children of God, taking baby steps on the road to salvation. As of right now, many christians are teens in faith, being awkward and rebellious towards our faith, treating it like our parents, ignoring it when we most need to and crying out for it when we are in need.

Becoming Santa Claus is the most rewarding thing on earth, and no I am not Tim Allen and this is not the "Santa Claus 4, Christmas on the fritz" or anything, but it is important to me. When you have children , and you buy them presents and you set them out on Christmas morning, it feels so good knowing that they will be smiling when they wake up at 4 AM and pounch you while you are asleep, snoring, and completely out of it from the night of present sneaking. Even in that haze of screaming children and sheets flying, you can smile knowing that they are gonna open those gifts and be so happy that they will pass out early that night from the excitement of opening things they have been waiting for weeks for. And that is a blessing in its self. Smile for that and remember to love being Santa Claus, for he/she is the most loved of humans. And for one night, you get to be that. be thankful.

P.S. I dont have kids, but my boyfriend does, and I love them dearly.

Be blessed this holiday season and wish for faith to restore its self in human kind, wish for the smiling faces of children, wish for the unconditional love our Lord and savior. Oh wait, he have me that at birth! THANK YOU God, for giving us your only son, for giving us your love, your hope, your world and our freedom. You washed us and took away our sin, and the only thing I can give to you this day my God, is my prayers, my worship, and my life. Thank you. THANK YOU.

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