Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Giving Christ back to Christmas.

Peanut brittle. Candy canes that hang off of lopsided christmas trees. Presents wrapped in the most beautiful bows you have ever seen. People with sleepy eyes, staring at the cup of hot cocoa and smiling down at the squealing children who had opened their presents in 10 seconds flat, and that was only due to the tape,minus the tape it would have been 5 seconds.

Thats what I think of when I think of Christmas. But mine hasnt been like that in years. Probably due to the fact that I have gotten too big for my Alvin and the Chipmunk "Christmas Edition" Pajamas. Or maybe it is because I havent been offered a normal christmas in over 4 years.

I used to have the most wonderful Christmas'. I would wake up to the most fantastic display of wrapping paper and tinsle. My eyes would light up and jump about from package to package, then directly to the little note on the table that Santa ALWAYS left. Afterwards, after the dinner that came in the middle of the day, I would snuggle up to watch Rudolph, or Frosty, and almost always fall asleep. I was a very sleepy child.

But now, when I think of Christmas, I think of Giving. Giving all that I may, and never wanting anything back.
All I asked for Christmas this year was the presence of those I love. And God blessed me with a wonderful vacation to a small little town, filled with people, who are completely kind to me. I am truly blessed.

But today I was blindsided with the pain of someone else thinking material goods are more important than human contact.
I am dating this man, this wonderful man who just gives and gives and gives. His only problem is he believes that "things" are better than the simple company of friends.
He because so jealous today after learning that one of my friends bought me the gift that he was going to buy me. He was so upset that he didnt talk to me for hours. Finally I got him on the phone and asked him what was wrong, because he hadnt told me why he was mad. But when he told me, I was so flabberghasted I just stared at the phone. And then the tears rolled down. My heart broke at the fact he thought a little MP3 player would be more important than just being able to spend time with him. Finally, I told him that I was sad about him not realizing that I want only to spend my Christmas with him, and he bit his tongue, asking for forgiveness.

Christmas is not about the things you get, how expensive they were , how big they are, or how useful they are.
Its also not about the amount of money that you spent on someone else, or how big those gifts were.
God wants us to share what we have, give what we can, and love with all of our souls.

So put down the shopping list. Dont spend 45 dollars on that Hannah Montana whatchamajigger, or 85 on that tennis bracelet your wife will probably break when she is busting her buns trying to fix something broken.

Spend one hour playing a board game with your kids. Spend one hour massaging your wives feet. Spend one hour cuddling with your husband. Spend one hour in the same room with your whole family, MINUS THE TV. Turn off the Millionaire and make some memories. Call the loved ones you have out of town, and remember to love and celebrate the birth of Jesus, the one who came to save us, so that we might love upon our little ones....and our not so little ones. [Travis . LOL.]

Merry Christmas my readers. Now turn off the computer and love on your kids, your spouse, your girl, your man, your grandparents, your aunts, you cousins, and even those weird half relatives. =] GOD BLESS YOU!

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