Friday, May 29, 2009

Memories of School Days past.

I watched them turn around and walk away. The little feet running towards their parents, their little hands filled with their works, their gifts, their little reminders that they were in school for 8 months of the last year. Of course 2 weeks in to summer they won't care who was their teacher last year, they probably wont even remember me! But I will remember them, and I will remember the things that THEY taught me. I've learned that patience is gained through experience. I've learned that everything a child has to say is VERY important to them. I've learned that a hug can heal everything. I've learned that when they win, I win! I've learned that God gives each one of us a place in life, and each child has so much potential to make that place so much brighter.

Another school year is over. Teachers wipe silent tears away as they watch their students go. Students smile as they remember that that teacher allowed them the access to knowledge that made them who they are.

The bond between a teacher and their student is forever, long after the graduation, the job after that, the reunion. I will forever take my students in my heart. And I thank God for the marvelous opportunity to be a helping hand to the little hands that grip mine at the beginning of a new school year.

Here's to the 2009 Fall School year!

Thank you God for a marvelous year, and for the wisdom I have gained.

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