Thursday, February 12, 2009

Complaining. A continuation. and Valentines.

And here is the continuation of my previous blog. "Oh the things I learn"

So I get this message one day I sat there, praying to God to end this swiftly, and there he was, writing me and telling what a coward he was. I didn't need to hear it, I knew it! He had hidden from me, and that in my book puts him as a level 7 coward! So, me being the oh-I-am-still-in-love-fool , I ask him if he is coming back to where I live, the supposed place of our new beginning, and he feeds me a line of Bull Spit, saying he missed his family too much and his friends. First of all, he had done nothing but complain about them when he was down here. Anyways, long story short, he left me. There is absolutely no closure, and I feel as if the weight still sits there, but in time, in God's time I will be better.

Now that that rant is over and done with I can tell you something amazing a friend taught me. It is better to dwell on the good rather than on the bad. In the bible it says that any non healthy words are a sin. Complaining! OH LORD. I have the biggest issue with that, due to the fact that I am a woman and words flow freely from my mouth past the filter that was issued upon puberty. I talk about my woes, but I think my point is I get past it. Its hard to distinguish whether when you're at a get-together and you are talking to a friend about your troubles, whether it's considered complaining or asking for advice.

Complaining is when you whine about how bad your circumstances are and do absolutely nothing about them. Complaining is when you look the dispenser of advice in the face, nod your head, and pretend your listening while you complain silently in your head because they are the ones speaking, and it would be rude to interrupt. Complaining is when you blabber on constantly, not caring that your friend might have something to say as well.

Taking advice is when you open your ears to the thought that some one else might have been through this and can help you. Taking advice is not smiling and nodding, is weeping on their shoulder and hugging them, genuinely thanking them for all they have done. Taking advice is letting your friend tell you their thoughts, and help them right back.

When you start to complain to an associate, a parent, a loved one, a child, remember this Psalm.

"Set a guard, O Lord, before my mouth;
Keep watch at the door of my lips."
Psalm 141.3

Valentines Day is coming up, and for those of you with significant others, please consider this alternative form of gratitude and offering of love.

St. Valentine was a priest who wed young christian couples in Rome. Sadly, he was martyred in the 3rd century, but when he was in prison (for helping wed christian couples) he would send out letters of faith and hope to the couples, who were also in prison. These were called Valentines.

This year, forget the chocolates, leave the flowers for the kids. On a small piece of paper write down a time and date. And on that date you will spend time with your loved one, and you will do what they want to do. This is a beautiful gift due to its generosity, for a persons time is very limited, and we must never take for granted the ones we love. So try it out, and have a wonderful Valentines day.

Here is my message of Hope and Faith to you young Christian couples.

"Love is patient and kind. Love never forgets to say goodbye. Love is the one thing that keeps us so close to God. I love you, my brothers and sisters. Keep love alive. Give it. Live it. Love it. Amen."

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