Friday, February 27, 2009

Faith in Flying.

Gravity is spiteful. It holds you down, it makes you not jump nearly as high as those guys in the denies you flight.
I used to think that gravity was the most awful thing in the world. It made me fall out of trees and scrape my knees, it made me stay on the ground when the kite I ran with flew in the sky, as free as the birds. I used to hate gravity.
Now I think of gravity as God's hands keeping me well grounded. Gravity allows me to walk on the street and not be blown into a building, just as God's hands keep me from harm. Gravity keeps me well grounded when paper flies about in the wind, unable to grip anything, just as God's love for me keeps me well grounded in my faith.
Yet I have the faith that when my spirit is not bound to this earthly body, then my spirit will fly far beyond this place and become part of the heaven that I so crave.

Faith makes me feel like I don't have to fly right now, because the waiting makes it that much sweeter.

Thank you Lord, for being my gravity.